Routing outputs with a access virus

So I’m trying to get my Virus Snow setup with Cubase. While I’ve got a setup that works, I want to make sure this is the best way to do things so I learn more about how Cubase works. This is how I have it currently

Virus Snow (Instrument Track)
Output 1 (Routed to Group Track 1)
Output 2 (Routed to Group Track 2)
Output 3 (Routed to Group Track 3)

(Midi Tracks, each on seperate channels)
Midi Track 1
Midi Track 2
Midi Track 3

Group Track 1
Audio Track 1
Group Track 2
Audio Track 2
Group Track 3
Audio Track 3

I usually write in MIDI in 3 MIDI tracks, and if I want to record the output of a track for some reason, set up one of the audio tracks to record.

Hope this makes sense, I’m still trying to understand how routing audio works in Cubase. So again, is this the best way to do things? Thanks!

Some time have past since i had the TI, but seems a bit too much what your doing… why not just the 4 midi channels and 4 audio tracks with the 4 inputs only?

So you mean to just skip the group tracks? I was trying to do that originally but I couldn’t figure out how to do that.

go to Menu - Devices - VST connection or press f4, create the inputs Ti1 Ti2 Ti3 in the input tab, like you created the groups but in another tab. Then create the audio tracks in the arranger and assign each of the inputs (connections) you created. Is that it?

Thanks for the help.

Unfortunately, when I go to create an input, the only ones I have available are the ones on my audio interface.

I made sure to activate the other inputs on the Virus VST. The Snow has 4 total outs, 3 VIA usb and 1 via the jacks on the back.