Routing problem cubase elements 7

Please help me, i’ve passed hours on this problem :confused:

i install a trial version of cubase elements 7.
I’ve configured my tascam us2000 in “vst connection” and i’ve record a guitare, it works.
i’ve record a drum, and when i try to listen the record it doesn’t work(no sound). i’ve made somethings wrong but what ?

I’ve try a lot of things :

  • I try to use an empty project, record another guitar track and listen to it, it does’nt works
  • the vst connections seems good (i’ve try all configurations)
  • the click works (i heard it) and it’s configure on the same output than the tracks
  • when i use the “play” tool (the speaker) on a track it works (i can heard it)
  • the vumeters of tracks works (on input / post-panner / post fadder ) but the vumeters of outputs channels and groups channels still doesn’t works (no signal in input / post-panner / post fadder)
  • i’ve try different options of routing (track directs on output, tracks on group channel, disable equalizer, sends, etc.)
  • i’ve try to enable / disable automation
  • i’ve try the mute / solo options in all ways
  • In this version the control room is “disable”
  • i’m new in cubase world but i’ve worked with audition / cooledit

Thanks and sorry for my bad English :wink:

I’ve found !
I downgrade the level of the tascam latency from “lowest latency” to “low latency” and it solve the problem.
Cubase don’t support the “lowest latency” mode (no problem with Audition and CakeWalk). It’s not a problem to me, this mode is good too.