Routing problem w/group tracks and cues

I’m doing some bass tracking to existing parts. As per usual, I pull the original stems into Cubase, and separate the guitars, vocals, and drums into their own folder tracks. I also have group tracks for each instrument, and I meticulously route the output for each to the appropriate group track. I.e. guitars all go to the guitar group track, drums to the drum group track, and vocals to the vocal group track.

Next, I create 4 headphone cues with various combination of these group tracks. So e.g. I can use cue 1 to listen to just the bass, or cue 2 for bass and drums, cue 3 for guitar and bass, cue 4 for everything. This has worked really well for me over many bass tracking projects.

I have a new project for which something weird is happening and I can’t figure it out. It seems like the bass is also getting routed to the vocal group. If I select a cue with the vocal group track enabled, I hear the bass (with all the distracting effects on the vocal group). The bass is coming through my WARM audio input, and that input is routed to the bass track, and that bass track is routed to the bass group. I can’t figure out where the bleed is coming through. I’ve gone through all the tracks output routing and cue routing and everything looks right, but I’m still getting the bass on both the bass group and vocal group tracks.

Does anyone have any thoughts, especially on how I can debug it? I’ve found that I can see a count of inputs to a group track, but I can’t actually see a list of all the routes into a group track. There must be a way to debug this! TIA!

You should be able to see this in the Channel Settings Window for the Group Channel. Oddly the arrow next to the Source Count doesn’t show them while the next one over does.

Sends are often the culprit for stealth routing. Sneaking in via reverb, etc.

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Oh wow, thanks! That was super helpful and gave me just what I need to narrow down the problematic routing.