Routing problem with few Kontakt 5 instruments


I tried to route instruments in Cubase Pro 8.

I chose “Add instrument track” → Kontakt 5 → Opened bass (channel 1), cello (channel 2) and violin (channel 3) inside this Kontakt 5 player. However when I’m playing my Midi keyboard, I can see in the MixConsole that signal goes through channel 3 and channel 1 at the same time (when playing channel 3 instrument, violin). Same issue with the channel 2 instrument, viola. Only when I am playing the channel 1 instrument (bass), signal shows only in one channel in MixConsole.

All instruments have same “All Midi Inputs” but the bass that routing works right in has got “Kontakt 5” in output and those other two instruments has got “01. Kontakt 5 - Midi In” in the position which is located right underneath the “All Midi Inputs”.

It seems that Kontakt 5 is my first Midi instrument with bass (ch1). Cello (ch2) and violin (ch3) are next Midi instuments so perhaps there is some kind of routing problem.

And I have set up Kontakt 5 outputs in Kontakt player but this didn’t work with routing.

Any ideas / videos how to solve this problem ?

Or if anyone knows some video how to set up an orchestral template in Cubase Pro 8. I found a video regarding Kontakt 5 routing but Cubase version was 6.5 and a little bit different.

Hi musicmusics

I only bought Kontakt 5 a few days ago and have been tearing my hair out trying to set it up as I’ve been using Halion 5 for a long time.

Have you checked that your output configuration is set up correctly because I remember initially having the same issue as you?

Please see attachment of my first 8 outputs correctly assigned!
Kontakt 5.6 - Output Configuration.jpg
Also, I was told by Steinberg support to always use ‘Rack Instruments’ for multitimbral intruments like Kontakt and ‘Track Instruments’ for non multitimbral instruments!

I hope I’ve helped in some way?

Have a nice day!

Kind regards

James Colah

Heres a cleaner way of working. Add a midi track(s) underneath the instrument and route to the instrument track.

That advice is out of date. Either a Rack or Instrument Track will work just fine for multitimberal instruments. If you search the C8 forum you’ll find several very in-depth discussions about how the two types compare.