Routing problem...

Is the ability to route multiple audio tracks to the same Group or output buss (or multiple tracks to the same Input buss) broken in C6?

Usually select the tracks in the mixer and Alt-Select from the pop-up. Doesn’t work for me.

Can anyone confirm please?

It´s [shift + alt] since C5 for same output assignments, and [shift] only for group assignments

Ah thanks, I seem to remember seeing that somewhere. The manual says Alt-select though!!! It’s lying!!!

What about setting sequential inputs? That used to be Shift Select - very useful. I can’t find a new combination which does this.

Ahhh that’s Shift select on it’s own.

Works only for outputs though, [shift] select for groups assigns to same groups

I guess setting sequential tracks to sequential groups or outputs would be less useful… would be nice to have the option though.

I was rather surprised that the manual is wrong on this - makes me wonder if the KC got changed (accidentally?) just before release…

Otherwise it’s a bit of mystery why SB would change something we had all got used to…

Oh, hang on a bit, that sounds familiar…