Routing puzzle

Hi - I’m flummoxed by some mistake I’m sure I made, but can’t find, in some routing.

I’ve got a vocal track routed to a group called LV Master. It is also sent (unity gain) to another group which has 3 comps inserted in it; that group is in turn routed to the same LV Master group the vocal track is. So, parallel processing of comps, not how I usually set it up, but it is this time. (FWIW, the LV Master group is routed to one with EMT-140 inserted in it, then on to the main stereo out bus).

Thanks for sticking with me so far, here’s where I’m confused: I thought I could adjust the fader on the group with the comps up and down to get different tonalities on the vocals hitting the 2-bus. But when I started doing that, I could barely hear a difference at all! As a matter of fact, when I muted/unmuted the comp bus, the vocal coming out of the main stereo bus only changed by 1 dB or so (the signal going into the comp bus was not low, it was about 0 dBFS).

Can anyone help me understand please why the final volume coming out of the stereo bus might be so insensitive to how much of the comp bus was (indirectly) routed to it?

Thanks in advance!

Compressors reduce dynamic so certainly the gain redcution is too much. Two very simple and logical things to check yourself:
1.Check the output level meter of the comp bus rather than what goes into the group, ehich is of no importance here
2. Disable all comp inserts.
And you will know almost instantly.