routing question: drum group FX

Hi cubasers.

I’d like to create a global sub mix bus.
Basically I create a Group and I route the busses to it.
My question: do have I to manually route the FX tracks out to it as well?
If I don’t do it do they go directly to the main stereo out?

Thank you.

The groups go wherever you tell them, but by default, yes they will go to the Master.

You will have to manually route them to your global buss.

But if you set it up as a template, you’ll only have to setup the routing once. Also if you use Quick Link in the MixConsole you can re-route a bunch of tracks all at once.

Hi Thanks for above explaination. I have another (last I promise! :stuck_out_tongue:) routing question not related to the globla mix group one. I write it here to keep the forum clean.

-I have a rock drum kit multitrack, each element has its audiotrack.
-I create an FX drum reverb and I send the tracks differently to it. i.e. kick less reverb, snare more and so on.
-At this point I want to Group the drums and I create a drum group, I route all the single elements of the drum.
**->**Is a practice, at this point, to route also that FX track I created before to the Drum Group or I leave it to the stereo out?

If you run the FX on Drums only, you could loop the fx channel back to the drum group. If other instruments use the same fx (ie: I want to use one verb to glue the project together in one ‘space’) I use an FX chanel for all FX returns, where I add some eq and dynamics. I guess it is all how you prefer to mix, as the end result will often not be distinguishable between different approaches.

CB is pretty flexible with routing, often multiple approaches lead to similar results.

Hope this helps…

Yeah that definitely is all about preference there.
I think you’ll find that each song is an approach that will naturaly call for it’s particular set up and organization.
It may depend on how you started the song or mix or the complexity of the drums

I prefer not to have the drum FX routed back into the drum buss, myself. It makes more ergonomic sense looking at a mixer knowing all my signal paths go towards the right… at least in theory.

There have been a few times though that I have treated a drum buss (or separate kick buss) as an FX buss and have it bolted (in the mixer) to the right with the other FX. Normally though, I have drums bolted to the left all to a drum buss to the right of the left mixer section. Having the visual flow of left to right (you may say dry to wet) helps me work faster.

It kind of depends on how you are treating your drum bus. If you are EQing or compressing the drum sub, you may or may not want to send effects such as reverb to it as well. Of you are only using the drum sub for level with automation, it might be nice to be able to automate the output of your FX at the same time.

So If I have
Kick -> insert compressor A
Snare -> insert compressor B
FX track kick/drum reverb -> Stereo Out
Kick has a send to it to -30
Snare has a send to it to -10
At this point I create a Kick/Snare Group and I route to it the kick and the snare
I put on Kick/Snare Group -> insert compressor C

In this case the compressor C only affect the dry signal and never reach for the reverb. Is this correct?

While if I route the FX track kick/drum reverb -> Kick/Snare Group it will be. ?