Routing Question

I’m looking for the most efficient way to output signal to multiple outputs (main, alternate and SPDIF) simultaneously. Can one output send to another and so on without having to route through the control room mixer or route each individual channel to a separate output.

Hmmm… if it were me I’d setup my outputs (main, alternate and SPDIF) and then use multiple aux sends from the source channel(s) to each of these outputs.

Hope I understood your question right…and hope that helps.

Thanks, I thought of that but was hoping I could route out of the main output instead of having to turn on/off from each individual channel. Routing from the main output via sends would be optimal or changing the audio destination. I know it’s antithetical to studio orthodoxy but it would be convenient.

I don’t have cubase open in front of me right now, but have you tried setting up a group channel (or two) to act as a “main” before the actual main outs…route all outputs to this group…then send to each respective output??

I thought group channels were audio-only: no MIDI or VSTis but I took another look and figured it out. Is this the most direct method of having simultaneous outs? For some reason I thought Cubase could handle this all within the mixer versus the arrange page which can get cluttered fast with folders, groups, etc. That aside, it all ends up the same.


I know you said you wanted to do this without going through the control room, but I thought that’s the kind of thing the control room is there for. What’s the reason for not wanting to use the control room?


Control room seems overly-complicated. Back in the VST32 days it was possible to do this all within the mixer via groups off of the mains instead of the arrange window. Of course those channels end up in the mixer but the outs need to be set individually. Just thought someone might have a workaround.

It’s really not that hard. For starters, set up your Main, alternate and spdif in the studio section of VST Connections, just as you would normal outputs. Make sure you disconnect the same outputs in the output secion of VST Connections.

In the studio section, for simplicity asign them to studio 1, 2 and 3.
Bring up the control room mixer and set Studio 1, 2 and 3 to “mix”
You can now turn on/off each of the outputs by pressing the numbers (1,2,3) at the bottom of each studio channel.

Your done.

Certainly you can do much more with control room than this, but this meets your requirements of “efficient way to output signal to multiple outputs (main, alternate and SPDIF) simultaneously”


Thanks Ron, that seem reasonable…my obvious misunderstanding of this feature which I though was geared for discreet mixes to players only. I was also concerned that Control Room acted in lieu of the VST mixer instead of in conjunction with it. Thanks for the info.