routing questions for superior drummer

I need some help figuring out how the routing works in cubase with superior drummer or any vsti for that matter.
I am using cubase 8 elements and latest version of superior drummer.
This is what I have done so far:
I am using SD’s multi output.
I have created the midi track to play the SD midi, so the input is All MIDI and then that runs through SD.

This is what I would like to do:
I would like to route the kicks,snare, toms through another bus or buses to add reverb or eq. I then want that to go to the main output(if this is the correct way to do this)? or should the output with effect feed back into the channels that they came from,sort of like blending them back into the channel.
Do I need to create a FX channel or a separate output??
Any guidance would be appreciated.
Thank you


i not sure i understand correctly what you want to do but feeding back the processed signal into itself would cause a feedback loop. I’d rather would prevent that from happening as it isn’t possible to do anyways.
Here is how i do Multiout with SD2 or simmilar software instruments. First you need to route every channel you want to be seperate to its own output bus inside SD2. As i remember correctly you should rename the outputs inside SD2 first before you advance with the cubase routing as they will than show up with the correct names. Now you open the rack by pressing F11 or Alt+T (for the docked rack in the projekt) and find your SD2 instrument. There is a small arrow pointing to the right. There you can activate all the output that come from SD2 that you actually need. they should now show up in the Mixconsole and as Automation Tracks on your instrument track. If you are not sure wich ones have to be activated, activate them all at first and test every kit piece. Than deactivate those that doesn’t carry any signal.

Than you can route all the drum channels to a group bus in the mixconsole of Cubase. This way you can sum process the drums alltogehter like NY compression for instance and you have all the seperate channels to process them indivually as well. you also might want to add an FX channel for Reverb in the Mixconsole you can send individual tracks like snare, toms and such to.