Routing/recording output of an insert effecct

Hi all,

I have a mono audio track with a vocal and I have VirSyn Harmony Voice as an insert effect no it.

As the vocal track plays, I play the keyboard in the Harmony Voice GUI to generate the vocal harmony I want.

How do I record the output to a new track?

I can’t work out a way to route the effect or the original vocal track to a new track. It seems that you can only route tracks to the stereo audio outs…

I tried setting Cubasis as the input, Harmony Voice as the effect and Cubasis as the output within Audiobus, but it doesn’t seem to work with Cubasis as both the input and output.

I can’t just freeze the track because I need to play the notes for the harmony in Harmony Voice in real time as the original vocal track plays back.

Is there some way to record the output of an insert effect or a track to a new track?


Hi Rich,

Not sure if I got your request correct, does track freeze helps to achieve the desired result?


Use AudioBus with Virsyn in the fx slot, Cubasis in the output. Put Cubasis in the input or, easier, copy the dry track to AudioShare and put it in the input.