Routing Separate Tracks from GA SE4 Pads

Can someone please show me the process of assigning each Groove Agent SE4 , 16pad sounds to 16 individual Track.
This will be greatly appreciated !!

You need to create Group tracks and route the outputs of the VST instrument to these groups.

Then select the groups as inputs for the Audio tracks you want to record these outputs to.
You would probably want to select “no bus” as the output routing for the Group tracks - so as not to send the VSTi to the mains from it (that will come from the Audio Channel).

That’s it!

Make sure the Group and the Audio tracks are the same number of channels (ie Stereo, Mono, etc) or the Groups won’t show up as sources for the Audio tracks.

Quick explanation.


You select the desired pad, and then in the “main” tab you select the desired output in the “output” selction field. Dead simple really, once you take a thorough look at the different buttons of the GUI.

Oh, yeah.
So simple I thought rev must be asking how to record each pad onto an audio track.

My misunderstanding.


If someone can explain to me whats going on Ill be very grateful.
When I try to route pads to a separate output a warning triangle appears to the right of the new output I have assigned.
The signal continues to pass through the main output and no new instrument track is created in the mixer window.
I have found no mention of this problem so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated.