Routing stereo outputs with Battery 4?

I currently have a Battery 4 instrument track set up in a project.

I have the sample cells routed through the direct outs like this:

And then the outputs tracks in the project window set up like this:

For some reason, even though these tracks are set up as ‘stereo’, the audio is coming out as a mono sample.

What am I missing here? I can’t seem to find any other things I need to configure.

This happens both when it is a rack instrument, and also a track instrument.

Learn how to correctly configure Battery

Thanks, that provided absolutely zero help!

You are welcome… If you donˋt know how to configure Battery - try the NI forums, or the VST instrument forums.
Cubase outputs the signal it gets delivered from the VSTi. Each channel shows 2 peak meter bars, so (unless you are in post panner metering mode), the output is 2 channels. If the sample you are trying to send is the waveform one can see in the background in green - looks like this is 2 channel mono anyway. And as we also can see, channel 7/8 seems the have a stereo signal - at least it shows different levels for left and right.

That particular sample was dual mono, correct. But I have other stereo samples which are still outputting as mono - the part I can’t figure out is at what stage is it forcing into mono. If Cubase is receiving it at it comes out of the VSTi, that means it’s somewhere in Battery 4. But, there are no options or places to configure output channels in Battery - you can only select which stereo output to send the sample to when it has played, which can be seen in the first picture.

When playing the samples in Battery 4 standalone mode, they output as stereo. So this would lead me to think there is something Cubase is doing that’s forcing it into mono, even though it’s outputting onto a stereo track.