Routing Stereo Track to Dual Mono ... best practice?

Hi everyone!

I am going to record acoustic guitar pretty soon, stereo mics. Even though cubase has that group edit function I don’t like to use it when I have to comp various takes. Reason: there are errors occurring as soon as I switch on the “multilayer view” on first mono track and forget to switch it on on the second mono track… then some edits are not duplicated on the other track (even though “group edit” was active!)! That’s a total no go of course, because the following already happened to me one time, not long ago: I had been editing one mono track for hours in the multilayer view but forgot to switch it on on the second track… hours later I realized all the edits on track 1 had been ignored on track 2 and it was a total mess…

So this time I decided to record on 1 single stereo track so my two mics can never be edited “out of sync” by accident.

BUT: I would love NOT to split the stereo track up into to mono tracks afterwards by bouncing etc…
but INSTEAD I would like to keep my stereo track and simply send only its left and right channel to separate channels so I can mix and process them differently…
what is the easiest way to do this? Are there others out there doing it the same way already? Is there something I’m not considering at this point that actually totally speaks against this workflow?

I’m really looking forward to some tipps!

THANKS in advance!


Perhaps you could do this with Aux channels !?

Well I’m sure you’d have worked this out…it’s pretty much what you would expect, but this is what I’d do and I doubt you could get any simpler.

Create two mono groups, add 2 sends to the audio track one assigned to each group and switch on. (Leave at default gain)

Open the Audio track Channel edit window and access the sends panning and pan one send full left and one full right.


Thanks you 2 for your quick answers!

Oh I did never try to pan sends, that’s a great idea. For some reason I always thought that panning a send would still send both signals (L+R) but only send them out on the left or right channel, summed to mono. This doesn’t make any sense of course, but somehow I always thought so…

I will try that as soon as I get to my studio computer :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

I regularly do this with an LRCS channel recording guitar (raw, pedals, 2 x mic) and it works well. But I only usually need to hear and process 1 of the 4 tracks so I used an instance of the 6to2Mix plugin to cut out the other 3 tracks and that’s that, no aux sends panning necessary for just 1 channel. Yeah, I find it too risky to rely on group editing too.


Another solution:
copy your track, insert plugin “mix6to2” in both channels, mute left (right) side of stereo…