Routing the recorded Signal and the "new" Input Signal at the same time to another application


I want to play the violin along with an accompaniment and route the two signals ( violin and pre-recorded accompaniment) to the Zoom conference application. I’d like to use the MR816 input reverb and morphing on my violin signal.

Here is what I have done:

  1. Created an aggregate Device ( MR with soundflower 2ch).
  2. set the MR to ADAT to have reverb and morphing enabled on the input channel I set the reverb to maximum ( to notice if it is affecting the signal)
  3. created a mono track for violin with input to MR analog 1
  4. create a stereo track and added the accompaniment ( no input in the inspector)
  5. Turned on the Control room and created monitor ( with a left channel to be my MR 1 out and Right channel my Sound flower channel 1)
  6. run zoom on iMac & set zoom input to Aggregate device
  7. I enter with another computer to zoom conference and mute microphone.

Now, when I play the Cubase project and play violin in the microphone, I only hear the violin other zoom but no effect. If I change the zoom’s input to "soundflower ch2), I only hear the accompaniment. So I cannot hear both. It seems zoom will only consider the first channel that gets the signal from and ignore the other one! I assume this is the same in Skype, facetime, etc.

I have tried several other settings such as using only MR as the interface, but when I arm the monitor I get feedback loop, the violin repeats a phrase 6 times each time with lower volume!

Bottom line: Is there a way to hear a recorded Signal on track 1 and the “new” Input Signal on Track 2 at the same time without arming the monitor ( with MR effects) in another application.

I wish I could route the monitor outputs for MR ( that has passed through REV-X and channel strip) to zoom!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.