Routing Tips for Multiple UR824s

I recently purchased two UR824s as I/O for Nuendo 5. One unit is connected to the computer via USB.2. The other unit is connected to the first unit through ADAT lightpipe.

I have keyboards connected to the second unit’s analog inputs. How can I send the keyboard channels to NUENDO through lightpipe? Better yet, what are some routing tips you have that could help me record 16 channels simultaneously?

The UR824 video on the Steinberg site says I could have 24 channels by combining three UR824s with one connected through USB.2.

I am really stuck and any help would be greatly appreciated.



you probably need to plug both units in separately and set each one as Master or slave, setting the slave to sync via ADAT and the master as INTERNAL. Then before disconnecting the slave unit make sure you’re sending the analogue ins to the ADAT outs.

Now when you have your Master UR plugged in the second one will be locked to it as a slave and will output its analogue ins via ADAT to your master units ADAT ins.

that’s how my MR 816’s work :smiley:


Thanks for your reply MC.
The UR824’s do not cascade like the MR816’s do.
I still cannot get both UR824’s to work together through the one USB cable. Does anyone have both working?

Any help is greatly appreciated.



Hello Will,

Please go in Nuendo to Devices --> VST Connections (F4) and setup at the Input section the amount of channels you need. You will see here that you have 8 analog, 8 ADAT A and 8 ADAT B inputs.



that wouldn’t solve the OP’s problem though as he cant get UR#2 analogue ins to ouput via ADAT into UR#1 ADAT ins in the manner I described.