Routing to another audio (aux) track

If this is already discussed please point me in the right direction.
how can I set up an audio track to be an auxiliary track to route other tracks thru if I so desire. For instance, if I want the same delay on all my vocals, send them to the aux track.
Is this possible. It seems like it should work even with the stereo out option.

Cubasis does not feature bus tracks/sub groups. So no way to route (say) all the backing vocal tracks in your project through the same compressor. At least not without doing a mixdown first.

It does however feature up to three global send fx, with individual send level pr. track. These are accessed through the Send Effects tab of the Track Inspector. The effect assignments are “global”, while the send levels are pr. track.

Subgroups would be an awsome addition to Cubasis and a great step towards making it a more serious mixing option IMO.

I would love to see the addition of group or Aux tracks as well!
The added flexibility and lowering of CPU usuage by bussing tracks to Auxes would make this already powerful app a completely professional tool!

Not to echo this, but busses are one of the few important features I see missing in the program. That and the ability to group parts of sequences. Tremendous program though. Very well laid out.
Oh, having the ability to group audio files into folders in the media window would be great.