Routing to sends not working properly

Hey guys, Im trying to setup an fx track on it with a filter and then i want to send 3 tracks of vocals to it.

I have set it up correctly and sent it from the various vox channels, although when i play the vox with the filter all the way down, the vox is still audible when it shouldnt be hear at all. you can hear the filter slightly affect the vox but not as it should be. Is there some other settings i need to do?

i have the filter 100%wet and the send level 100% also.

does the prefader play a roll or is there some other setting im missing?


Quite obviously if you send, the original channels will still be heard. That’ exactly how a send should work. And yes switching prefader and turning original channels down can be one of several solutions.

Thanks for the reply mate, I still dont really understand it. Any ideas where I can find some more info on sends to work out what Im trying to achieve:

I would like all 3 vox to be sent to an fx track with the filter on the fx track to have the same amount of effect on all 3 vox as the filter would have if i inserted one on each track. Is this possible?


Or maybe a better solution would be to route the channels to a group track with the filter in as an insert.

And by “routing” he means setting the output of the tracks to the group, not using sends (If I may add that…)