Routing tracks to an effect

I have an Orchestra piece and I want to route the individual instruments to tracks where I can add an overall effect to them. In other DAWs I would use a bus to do this. I’m new to Cubase and can’t seem to figure this out.

I guess the bigger question would be how to organize the signal routing from beginning to speakers?

Sounds like you are looking for either an “FX track” or a “Group Track”.

I think it’s an effect track. How do I route an instrument to it?

Create an FX track and name it accordingly, then select it as the output in the “routing” section of the track(s) you want to send.

The group track means the a whole group of instruments or audio can be sent to this track and effects can be applied globally through the inserts or sends. This is also useful if you want to be able to control the volume for a whole section - ie all brass/strings.
If you are just wanting to add varying amounts of, say, delay and or reverb, then the sends would be the place to do this. You will have to set up an efx track which you will then see in the sends slot. It is possible to add other efx to the efx channel if you want to create an efx chain. You can in this case link all the string parts in the mixer so they all respond to a fader alteration on any of those parts. Highlight all the mixer channels you want to link - then right click on one of the mixer tracks and select link.

Consider watching this free video series that was done so generously for us all.

It’s a sticky about ‘Learn Your New C7 Mixer’ on the Cubase 7> General section at the top.

Well worth the time to view these.