Routing Tracks to Busses...Stereo?

Hi, I’m trying to route a Left and Right Rhythm Guitar track to a Group Channel with an Amp Sim on it, rather than two individual tracks with two instances of the same Amp Sim routed through a Group Channel. Both guitar tracks are mono tracks panned hard Right and hard Left. The issue is when I route them to the Group Channel, or my “Rhythm Guitar Bus” in this case, they lose their pans and both signals end up in the Center. The Group Channel is in Stereo, but I can’t hear the individual Left and Right Panned tracks…am I doing something wrong? I feel like I’m missing something. Help is appreciated!!! Thanks.

Is the Amp Sim plugin stereo capable? If so, have you actually turned it to Stereo mode?

Wow…incredible… that fixed it! So, no, it was in mono before lol. Thanks for the help!