Routing UR824 in Cubase

Hi guys this, not an issue with the UR824 it is an issue with me I can’t work out how to route it in Cubase

I have 3 external units I use Roland D20 Proteus2000 & an Akai CD3000XL I use a Midiman 4x4 anniversary edition to route my midi all working fine triggering as they should in Cubase

Ok my problem is I can’t work out how to route the audio from my external units they are connected by unbalanced 2 mono L&R from the external units to a stereo into the UR824 input channels 3 4 & 5 respectively back into the main out of the UR824 the signal lights on the UR828 are showing the audio is coming into the UR828 from the external units.

As it stands, I cannot hear the audio from my external units from Cubase via the UR824

I have deleted all the efforts I have made in the routing panel of Cubase except the main out, so I am still using it with the VST’s I have loaded up

Any help appreciated



In the Audio Connections > Inputs, add Stereo or Mono Bus and choose relevant inputs (channels 3 4 & 5). Then add an Audio track, select the input you have just created. And enable Monitor to pass the signal through the Audio track.

Thank you, Martin, that issue is resolved now onto the next one it will only play out of my left channel all the pan settings have been checked and also the outputs on the external units L&R to ensure they are working all ok if I swap the L&R around in my audio inputs in Cubase then naturally it does switch but I can’t get the stereo out regardless of what I do. as stated initially I am using a splitter cable unbalanced mono L&R from the external unit (proteus2000) to stereo into the input in the UR828.



The splitter cable probably doesn’t work as you would need to.

I was thinking that Just checked them and I am a little disappointed with the UR824 now as I need to use two inputs to get a stereo feed.

Thanks for your help Martin issue now resolved.