Hello ,

Having a question about i saw someone do on youtube , i think is routing
youtube video was done in fruityloops ,
i can find my way in cubase but i’m not a expert !

ok ,

channel 1 is a instrument channel like Ni massive with some effects inserted
next he is sending the output of this channel 1 into another channel lets say channel 2
so you have 2 channels playing te same sound on top of each with one instrument ,
in the video in fruityloops it is called routing channel 1 into channel 2
it really thickens te sound alot .
If you should do this with audio tracks it is like you take a stereo audio track
copy it and placing it on top on a diffirent channel .
but copying a instrument track makes 2 independ instruments,
so i’m kind of stuck here , hah

anyone having some tips ?

Best Regards


Create an FX or Group channel and use the Send function.