Rozeta Sequencer Suite Uses?

So if you use this app, what are you doing with it?

So far I mostly use the XOX and use the mutation to create jams, fills and keep the beats interesting. It takes some time to figure things out since there is no manual and I’ve not used these before…but fun! Having a lot of fun with Arpeggio too. Bassline abut, but not getting anything useful. Haven’t done much else, but looking for ideas…


Hi lsd87,

In case, you’ve missed it, here is the latest v2.4 tutorial, where DOM shows Cubasis and the Rozeata plug-ins in use:


That video is why I purchased the app…it’s terrific, fun and versatile. Documentation and discussion are just not abundant. I try to spend some time with it daily and try to see what I get. Great app!