{RQ} Export/Bounce folder in the project

I need to make for every project a folder like this and to make the path myself.
It is so much easier to just have a default folder for that, that can be conected to the project.

And, please, if doing that req, please make some button to open the folder directly from the DAW, so we will not need to go and start look for it in the computer.


I agree. Later versions of Pro Tools will show the by default created “Bounced Files” folder when choosing “bounce to disk”. It’s pretty convenient.

This is a great feature from Pro Tools that I miss, yes.

And many other DAWs. Logic has a Bounce folder in the project, Reaper a Render folder, and I think you can define or rename it to whatever you want.

I’d love to have a default (relative) render folder within the project. And one whose path is saved with the project. I asked myself many times what good it is when I open project X and then work on project Y, to have the last render folder of X still there, having to manually adjust it to Y, only to change this back when working on X. It’s so stupid.

  • Maybe, if we now have the “save by version”, we can also have to export to this folder by version.

YES YES YES. This happens with a few important things in Cubendo, and I can’t for the life of me understand why, either. It’s the same for quantize settings, one’s setup of the Divide Track List on top, and a couple more – they are global instead of per-project, which is not the way the other DAWs I’ve used/tried are, for a specific and great reason.


+1 Makes sense.

Having the path remain the same for project X and Y is actually a useful option if I am bouncing stems for the dub stage, and want to collect everything in one place. I would like to have a default folder inside the project folder for rendering and bouncing but it would still be nice to have a box to uncheck (for example) to continue using the same folder.