Another waste of my money most of my NI Vst’s . Toontrack Keys and EZ Drummer dont work or so small cannot use when I try to my larger they disappear. CPU struggles to keep up with the work load. Intel I5 .

All in all pretty poor show . You should consider refunding hard earned money to customers

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Could you be more specific, please?

What exactly does it mean?

What exactly does it mean? The GUI is small? Do you use HiDPI screen? What is the settings of the system and what is the settings in Cubase? Are you on Mac or Windows?

What does it mean, please?

What does it mean?

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That means exactly… nothing… the first i5 are very poor performing CPU’s now…

It means everything to me amigo. It worked well in Cubase 11 as I said 12 is rubbish in my opinion.
I am not a tech are you by any chance?

I’m not your amigo…
To say that you use an Intel i5 without any further notice what OS and which generation of processors you use, has no real meaning.
12 generations and around 150 different i5 processor types

It has nothing to say what I am or what I am not… you were asking for help, don’t you?