Ruler Display Formats should be project related

Ruler display formats should be always project related. I wish I could open a project always with the correct ruler, bars+beats for a music project timecode for a sound design project. It would be convenient if ruler settings could be saved to project.

Dear SoundAvenue,
are you referring to these issues:


I mean, are you referring to the fact that Nuendo doesn’t remember (save) the state the ruler tracks are in?
If yes: +1

Niek/ Amsterdam

Yes, exactly this! Main ruler is not part of the project but the software. I would prefer the ruler is saved as part of the project.

As you can see from the quoted posts, it’s an issue with quite a history and I can’t see why Steinberg doesn’t solve it.
I’m still convinced this is a bug which should be solved.


Niek/ Amsterdam

Nuendo 12