Ruler: - Divisions (and grid) visibility..!

Still diving in to the Trial version; has anyone managed to get the Arrange Page to more closely match the appearance in C6…? I’ve messed around in the Preferences for a while now, but I can’t seem to get the Ruler numbers (specifically, beats between bars) showing any brighter.

In the pictures, that’s Bar 2 in the middle - the beats (divisions) between, are nicely readable in C6; so are the lines depicting the grid divisions in the page itself.

Compare with how it looks in C7:

If anyone’s got it looking better/closer to C6, could you post a screenshot please, so I at least know its possible - and I’ve just got to try harder…!! I’d be much appreciated… :wink:


Do you mean something, like the 1st screenshot? You can right-click on the circle of the color, and select Show Color Value (Alt+E). Here, you can write the value in RGB mode. So, you can create screenshot of your Cubase 6, and just re-write it, into Cubase 7.

Btw, I’m using totaly different color scheme. I like the darker version of color scheme, of Cubase 7.
Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 11.58.00.png

Thanks for the post Martin - but I still can’t get it to look like C6, even with matching the RGB values as you suggest ;-( They just don’t seem to change the Ruler line ‘look’. Inside or outside the Locators area (Cycle area).

Its the actual division/beat numbers_between the bars_ in the ruler line itself that I would like to be more readable; I’m adjusting those ‘colour swatches’ like crazy in the dialog you posted - can’t get any joy…

Look again at my screenshots - the numbers in the C6 Ruler are those between bar numbers; you can see them easily. Not so in C7… (I’d love to see your screenshot zoomed in a bit more, to reveal the between bar divisions, to see what it looks like.)

Anyone else…?

yes I have noticed the same issue and haven’t tracked it down. The bar numbers almost look like they have a default color/shade setting that isn’t impacted by any of the customizable settings.

Thanks for posting - well, its not the actual Bar numbers for me, but the division (beat) numbers in between I can agree with you… :slight_smile:

Have a look at my screenshots above again, C6 vs C7.

Has this changed in 7.03? I’m trying to do some editing today in the project window, and the grid lines within the audio tracks in the project window are really difficult to see. Darkening the grid lines in the project have no effect of the visibility within the tracks.

I’ve done a bunch of work in 7.00-7.02 and don’t recall having this difficulty.

I also find that the smaller lines on the ruler are too similar to the background to be legible.

I hope there are some legibility improvements in store for us in 7.0.4