Ruler-Grid-Loop Newbee question...

While I have been able to import acid loops from the media bay and adjust them to a new tempo, I find that I cannot get the Ruler / Grid to reflect the change in tempo. In other words, the loop length and the bar-beat lengths do not match up.
As a longtime Logic-Appleloop user, I’m a bit baffled. As some of you may know, in Logic when an Appleloop is dragged onto the Arrange page, the loop automatically adjusts itself to the tempo and visually, to the bar length.
I’m sure there must be a simple way to make all this happen in Cubase but somehow I’ve missed it in the manual.

Make sure your session tempo is set to the tempo you want to work, then adjusting any loop in musical mode will adjust it to fit in the desired tempo. Also might want to make sure you activate “snap to grid”.

To check if the Loop is in Musical Mode, go to the Pool, and check the Musical column.

Also, be sure that Musical Mode is on for the audio track. The icon is a quarter note with an orange background in the Inspector column in the main project window.

I think I had this same problem. It turns out the grid lines were too faint on my monitor to see. I was able to fix this in the preferences by darkening the grid lines.

Thanks to all for your help. As it turns out, the files that came with Cubase worked just fine, as expected, but evidently not all “acid files” are created equal. The problem I was having was with a 3rd party loop collection. I’ve found an easy work around, so all’s well.