Ruler in play mode: Display time


I’m working currently in a project with a client. We’re making changes and he’s working with the Dorico mp3 renders that I’ve sent him to propose some changes to the music. I told him to send me his suggestions with timestamps of the exported mp3, as they will match the time in the counter in Dorico. However, I’d like to be able to find this time in the bar ruler of the play mode, like in many DAWs.
Is this possible, or will it be sometime?


It’s quite likely that a future version of Dorico may have real time shown in Play Mode, but I think there’s a simple solution you can use right now. Create a new Full Score layout and in Layout Options set Markers > Vertical position: Timecode staff and set Timecode frequency to ‘Every Bar’. Using a different layout means that your regular score layout isn’t affected. You can use this new layout to locate the timestamp of interest.

Awesome! Will try that for sure!