Ruler+Mouse zoom in/out behavior issue

This baby comes all the way from cubase 7
Dear Steiny PLEASE FIX IT please please please

Easy to reproduce
-create the new project
-Click and hold mouse, zoom in or out by moving it up or down, and move it to left or right

Result is very annoying behavior when locator goes away from the mouse cursor, it is so difficult to navigate!
Here I made video demonstration.

It feels terrible

I tried to find a use for the detached cursor behaviour, but when I try to use it away from the actual cursor like over the tracks field, it just glitches out.

It makes me doubt that the detachment is by design.

Can it be switched to Attached somehow?



it wasn’t fixed in 9.0.10
It is such a mess!!! Please fix it guys, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
It’s impossible to work like this

It´s not a bug. It´s a new behavior.
And there are so many great Zoom commands in Cubase - It is more practical and saves a lot mouse clicks…
For the old behavior: hold SHIFT + mouse up/down in timeline.


Thanks for defending a feature that doesn’t work that you don’t even use.


Please defend this glitching as intended, even remotely useful behaviour:

I don’t recognize a problem on my system:

Please note this bug report itself is about the fact that the playhead detaches from the mouse at all. I only further prove how broken this is, whether you can recreate that or not.