Ruler setting should be saved with Workspace

Currently, if you have Timecode as the primary time display, but something else (e.g. Bars and Beats) as the ruler when you change workspaces the main ruler reverts to Timecode regardless of its state when the workspace was saved.

According to Steinberg this is working as intended and therefore is a feature request rather than a bug. It seems completely illogical to me that a Workspace wouldn’t remember such a key setting and I cannot conceive how this would be working as intended unless the intention is flawed.

I am a film composer and use Timecode all the time. It’s useful to go to quickly go to Timecode location so I have Timecode as the primary time display (as there’s no function to “Enter the Project Cursor position” using the Secondary Time Display) but nobody writes music using the grid or quantise of timecode.

My personal workflow has the Primary Time Display = Timecode (so I can use the “Enter the Project Cursor Position”), Ruler = Bars and Beats (so I can write music!), and a ruler track with Timecode on it below (so I can follow the Timecode position without it changing the grid). However, when I change Workspaces I end up with two timecode rulers, which is useless.