Ruler Track - Coloring Bug?

I am trying to set up a secondary ruler track underneath the main one that shows the timecode, and I hate the default color as it is a light blue opposed to the black main one. I created a custom dark grey color, and when I select the ruler track and try to color it, it comes out this light red color no matter what I do. See the picture below. Is there any way I can turn it to a dark gray or black color to match?

First, the ruler will always be a much lighter version of whatever the Track Color is. Second, Cubase (for mysterious reasons) restricts the range of very dark colors. This means we can’t actually have a truly black color because it would be in this restricted area (circled below). A side effect of this restriction is that there is always an underlying color.

This is a screenshot of my “black” color. As you can see it is really based on a deep blue and tends to read as grey when used on my Ruler Track. I bet you have the top slider in more of the red area, so try changing that. If you can’t find something that works, maybe post a screen shot of your Color Picker settings.

We can actually go out of the restricted color range by dragging the value fields :sunglasses:
(Not just specific to the ruler)

This does not work for me. What version are you running?

Oh no ! I’m sorry, I’ve mistaken it with the background colors in Preferences, where we can only choose from one color based on the theme, but this can be worked-around by changing RGB fields.
It’s irrelevant to the color tool, but maybe this can be done by editing the xml file, but the ruler will always be lighter anyway.

No worries!

Steinberg - is it too much to ask that things match? :joy: The main ruler is black. Please allow me to make the ruler track black as well.