Ruler Track in Project Logical Editor

I try to make a command in PLE, that will hide my tracks, but not my Ruler track. I know how to do it with all the other tracks, but not the Ruler track.
I can’t find the Ruler track in PLE.
:wink: :frowning:


I’m sorry, there is no Ruler Track in the PLE.

So it’s not possibel to unhide The Ruler track, when i want to hide my other folders?
Feks. I want to hide all my folders, except my String folder, and all my tracks like Tempo track, Signatur track, Marker track and Ruler track that’s above my diveded track list.


I found a way, how to reach the Ruler track:
( Container Type is | Equal | Track | And
Name | Contains | Ruler )

Ohhhh yes, nice.
Thank you so much.