Ruler track with adjustable ZERO - once again

On the wishlist since … forever!

For example


I’m not sure if I’m missing something from your request but there is a command in the Project menu called “set timecode at cursor”. You can use it to set a zero at whatever point of the timeline (careful because it will ask you if you want to keep things at their current timecode, which you should probably say no to).

I don’t think it has a default hotkey but I’ve added Ctlr+Shift+T because I use it literally all the time. Hope this helps!


Hi Astronaut,
thank you, I use this workaround - but it’s a workaround for something that should not be a big deal…
If you take a look at the thread I mentioned above, you will see that I’m not alone.
And maybe one day somebody at Steinberg will read this feature request that’s up for years and years…

I don’t need another vintage compressor or a “vocal chain” or a new LSD-like GUI - just a ruler that I can set to zero at any point.