Ruler tracks show wrong format?

Can somebody explain to me why all of my ruler tracks (I use more than 10 of them in my template) all of a sudden have changed their format from “timecode” to “bars and beats” even when I didn’t change them myself?
This happens now and then when I open my template, which has these ruler tracks set to “timecode” (100% sure).
It’s remarkable that ALL of these ruler tracks are set to the same (wrong) format.

Why does this happen, and how can I put them back to the format I programmed them in (timecode) ?
Thanks for any help or workaround.

Niek/ Amsterdam.


Maybe you swapped Primary/Secondary time by accident? Instead of , Key Command to go to the project Start you pressed . Key Command.

Thanks Martin.
It would be a welcome “feature” if Nuendo would swap all the ruler tracks at once when swapping the Main Time Format, but it doesn’t so I’m afraid your suggestion isn’t working in my situation unfortunately…thanks though.

Now and then I find my -empty- template’s ruler tracks totally messed up after a fresh start-up, maybe it has to do with a “previous state” of Nuendo? Maybe, when a previous project was set to “Bars and Beats” Nuendo thinks it may come in handy to switch this new project to “Bars and Beats” too, even while all of my ruler tracks were saved to “Timecode” ?

Are there more fellow-Nuendo-users experiencing this?

Thanks for sharing.
Niek/ Amsterdam


Oh, I’m sorry, I was reading wrong. This function/Key Command switches all native rulers in the Project window and editors, but not the rulers.

To me it looks like the project becomes corrupted somehow.