This was recorded at MTMC Music school with my friends and my writing partner on Guitar. We had access to their studio with SSL board and the students doing tracking. Only overdubs are B3 and Rhythm Guitar. This is first mix looking for input on what needs to be fixed.

great tune ,took me away somewhere. great mix, i almost felt i was sat on the kit ,nice santana vibe .

Great mix ! Some really good playing here

nice mix and vibe…nothing sweeter than a true leslied up B3!

enjoyed it

A very accomplished piece of music as usual from you…particularly like the guitar sound and playing…sort of Santana like in a jazz sort of way…, well done ,…again…Kevin

thanks again for all the nice comments! Does anyone hear items to be fixed? while listening I was wondering if piano was to loud during intro?..we had to work hard getting the drums and percussion to sound okay because of some microphone placement mistakes and phasing issues and same with piano + tons of low end leakage from GTR amp into piano mics.

If balances are okay I guess I can stop worrying lol

I think leakage makes it sound real and live. The drums sound so great. Lucky you got Carlos with you over there. I am enjoying this one a lot. I don’t think piano is too loud. I think the balance is really good.

Nice piece and good performance! Mixing is a personal preference so if you feel something needs to be readjusted, have at it. I enjoyed the mix as is. I can hear all the instruments clearly considering the many there are.

Thanks! I knew I couldn’t say should I turn the guitar down out loud l :laughing: Respect your opinion greatly btw

Exactly! If you’re not sure, turn the guitar up some more! I do like your friend’s touch and tone.

Hi Kenny,
I listened to this yesterday on my iphone played through my cars Bose system. I loved it! I thought it was a nice composition through the first couple of minutes, but then it actually got even more interesting as the song progressed further. that bongo roll that comes in at 3:04 is an especially nice touch, followed by the bongo solo and the drums then timbales soloing over the simple riff - it may be sacrilegious to say this - but I was reminded of Gadd’s solo section in Aja!
The energy then continues to build after the middle section with the alternating organ and guitar solos. Great stuff!
Kenny, it’s always a pleasure to hear your beautiful jazz compositions, but it’s also a treat to hear you really cooking like you are here.

If I had one suggestion - the bass and kick are fatter in the low end than is usually heard in this genre.
I’m cool with that, but there are places here where I’m wishing the bass had a bit more definition - maybe a slight cut in the low end and a slight boost in the mids?

Thanks Lenny that’s what I need! The Guitarist and I co-wrote and the percussionist wrote out all drum stuff off the chart I provided at session. it’s great to play with guys that just know and are so open to trying any suggestion, between the 5 of us we never heard the word bad idea the entire session.

So roll off of subs on kick/bass boost the 800 to give that more of baby bass sound? Great idea, we are mixing at the Guitarist place on his Neotek. I may have to reference some music to get ideas for mix any suggestions?

Since I mentioned it in this very thread, I suppose something off of Aja would be a good choice. Josie, perhaps? :sunglasses:

I’m told folks have been using Steely Dan music to calibrate their systems for over 40 years. :slight_smile:

Sounds great! Love the composition, performances and mix. Great work! :smiley:

What else can I say? I love this!
Great composition and performances by everyone.

That B3 sure sounds schweet! :sunglasses:

Thanks for sharing, Kenny!


Enjoyed the song a lot in regards to composition and performance. Nice portamento and tremolo arm technique from the guitarist, cleanly played too. The high note at 1:28 is harsh with headphones, because of the way it’s struck improperly. I liked all the melodic parts of the guitar, but the solo didn’t really stand out to me. Really enjoyed the percussion section and the percussion overall. ;D Great performance from everyone.