Rumors about Halion 4

I’ve been holding off on buying Halion Sonic for the reason that i read somewhere that H4 when it comes out that the included sound bank will be Halion sonic sounds… has anyone else heard of this?

No, but I’m holding off getting HALion Sonic as well, until I see what HALion 4 has to offer, and to see what the upgrade price from HALion 3 will be. Can’t be too long now?..

There was an official Steinberg post somewhere on the old forum stating that Halion 4 will contain ALL of the capabilities (and sounds) of Halion Sonic, plus it’s own more advanced features. That was good enough to make me wait.

Thanks - I’d not seen that, so I’ll definitely wait, and hope for a good upgrade price.

That’s correct!

Is there a time frame to appear when Halion 4 comes out ? 2011 is a very long time … :sunglasses:

good!! i just wish they hurry up… was at a friends studio and most of the sounds he used in his track was HS and i was amazed!!!

Sorry, I have no release date yet.

I contacted technical support to see if there would be a 64 bit version of HALion 3 (I didn’t really expect there to be), and did get further confirmation that HALion 4 is getting closer…

Unfortunately Halion 3 is not available as a 64 bit application for Mac OS X…
…In this case it seems that you will have to wait for HALion 4, yes there will be an upgrade price for it.
Hopefully it will not take that much longer, unfortunately we still do not know when it is going to be released.

HALion 4 is just around the corner, more detailed information will be available very soon.


This is a very good Information ! :mrgreen:


Yes, great news Helge :smiley:

Kute Kitty! :smiley:

Thanks - we can’t get the Buff off him now :wink:

this news from steinberg website:

"Steinberg will be at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Europe’s largest trade show for musical instruments, music software and audio hardware. On April 6–9, 2011, you have the chance to see Steinberg’s current range of products in action, including the Cubase 6, WaveLab 7 and the CI series of audio interfaces. Plus, Steinberg will unveil some inspiring new products that you don’t want to miss — so be sure to visit our booth. "

I guess:

  • Halion 4
  • Nuendo 6
  • Groove Agent 4
  • Wavelab 7 64-bit Version …


I just looked at the stage schedule. At noon each day there is a presentation of Halion 4 and Halion Sonic.

I hope the sound library is good enough. I didn’t get impressed by Halion Sonic’s library, all the contrary.

HALion 4 has just been announced: