Run a script or batch process on all open windows?

Is it possible to run a script on all open audio files in WaveLab 11?

I’m making sample libraries. I record a bunch of sounds all at once in different files and I want to just normalize and trim the files before saving.

Or being able to run a script automatically after recording would also work.

No, because there is no command to select these files. But why not using the following command to insert all files in the batch processor:

Thanks for the reply! I think that will work.

The Process toolbar has an “Auto Split” function on it. Can I put that function in a batch processor script? I don’t see it in the list of plugins. Is that function not a plugin? I just want to delete silence from the heads and tails of the files.

The method you suggested doesn’t work for what I want to do. It says, “The file cannot be opened” when I hit start on the batch processor. I assume it says this because there is no file, since I haven’t saved it yet.

The workflow I want is: I want to record a bunch of files and process them before I save them so I don’t have to save them under a temporary name, process them and delete the temporary files. I just want to process all of the open files in place in their windows.

Don’t you give name to the file you record? If you do, then they are accessible from the batch processor, or from the auto split tool (which has a batch option too).

Yeah, I name each file when I save it.

See, I’m making a few dozen recordings at once. I go through and process them one at a time using keystrokes, and then I save them one at a time.

I was hoping I could just process them all at once because I’m doing the same thing to each one. I don’t want to have to save all the files, then process them in a batch, then delete the originals and then rename the files back to the original names.

It seems like this would be straightforward to do since all the files are already in memory.

When you record, you have the option to use tempory names or “final” names. When don’t you choose the latter? There is an automatic counter to help generate names automatically.