Run As Admin Only Solve For This + Random Audio Interruption

Dear sirs or madams

I had cubase installed on external hard disk. Then I got a new computer and try to run cubase from the external hard drive which caused trouble - surely not my smartest move. Furthermore I had all my plugins on this external hard drive but obviously the registry was partly on my old computer.

To summarize this whenever I start cubase I can say project on my external hard drive saying I don’t have to write for it . Running cubase as an ad ministrator causes troubles because you can’t drag and drop Audio wavey files. I reinstalled cubase multiple times updated the drivers but still I have trouble. Whenever I record with my Interface Steinberg ur twelve and replay the audio in cubase it randomly starts to interrupt and being silent. The waveform seems fluently tho. Also if I export the files they are interrupted and suddenly the way forms look interrupted as well.


Can’t save on external hard drive says no rights

Running cubase as an admin is not a work around (doesn’t even start anymore)

Can’t record if not run as administrator says no space or something (defining the folder of the project via right click doesn’t work)

cubase pro 10.5

multiple re-installation

Hello, you should not install a program on an external drive for obvious reasons. Access to the program will always be slower, which is why it has so many interruptions. If you install Cubase on the computer’s internal drive (this is what you should do with programs and plugins) you should have no problems. and also, use the Dongle on a direct USB to the computer (or through a powered hub)

Hello, why shouldn’t I? Before it worked greatly. Sure it wasn’t fast, but it saved a lot of space and my projects / Cubase was portable with no effort.
What would be the so obvious reasons I can’t figure out ?

I only have 1 tb on my internal Drive, and for obvious Reasons I’d like to keep my projects if my computer dies lol

I have a direct dongle on my computer, idk how this has anything to do with y problem?

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Storing your Cubase projects on an external drive is fine. Installing applications on it is asking for problems.

Exactly. Cubase as a program is one thing. Cubase projects are a different thing.

I do agree with the others. It’s always best to install the program and vst plugins on the system drive, but for now you should be able to solve it by giving your current account sufficient access rights on the external drive. See this post:

No, on my old computer it worked fine on the external hard drive guys :confused: seems an windows 11 problem…

No, it’s most likely an access right issue? You need to give your new computer the correct access rights on the external drive because you created it with rights of the old.

how do I do it? I tried to right click folder, and it didn’t worked for cubase

You can also do this for individual folders. But might as well do the entire drive to prevent additional issues.