Run As Admin

I had to run Wavelab 64 and Jbridge as Admin to get them to work proplerly together. What’s the downside of Run As Admin if it solves problems, and it’s sometimes suggested as solution to solve problems?

Running in admin mode has to bad effect but this one (AFAIK):
When you are in admin mode, you can’t drop files from a normal app (eg. Windows Explorer), to WaveLab. The OS prevents this for security reasons (don’t ask me which ones).

Why do you need JBridge ?


I need it for TC Powercore plugins, which are 32 bit only. Need it mostly to recall legacy projects, but also have some current use for the TC.

Thanks PG.

You could also just install the 32bit version of WL. It can coexist just fine with the 64bit version.


Also, when using multiple eLicenser-protected applications simultaneously, please ensure that all of them are either run as administrator or as normal user; problems might arise when differently privileged applications are trying to access the eLicenser runtime.

My advice would be to always run all of your applications as “normal” user, except when elevated permissions are required for problem solving.


ALL my click Metronome information is gone and the new way of setting up external midi notes to trigger is horrible, cant type in the note number must use the slider. What happened with this update?