Run as user not admin

Hi all,

I’ve installed Cubase LE 4 and activate it sucesfully but the desktop icon and menu of Cubase LE is only visible for admin not for other user accounts without admin privileges in my PC.

Do I need another steinberg aplication?

Many thanks in advance and sorry if this question was answered i haven’t found in all 14 pages


Not sure which OS you are using but usually, in Windows, there is an option when installing the application, to make it available for all users (if installing from an Administrator account.

The O.S. is Windows 7 (64 bits) and yes i was waiting for that message but not cuestion about available for all users was required. I installed from admin account.

If i reinstall again Cubase I don’t know if i will have problems with the activation. What’s your opinion?

In anycase many thanks for your soon answer


I don’t think you will have a problem with activation. If you have already activated and have the license on the dongle and have registered your software there should be no problem. I have reinstalled my Cubase a couple of times and I frequently read about others doing reinstalls. Just remember when it prompts you to register just select “already registered”.
I wish I could help you with the “install for all users” issue.

Google for ‘install for all users’ i’ve found alike my problem here:
“Install for all users on this computer” - faulty?
Thanks again for your reply.

From the user account, just go to Programs-Steinberg, right-click on the Cubase icon and choose send to desktop. As for content, right-click on the GUI and when the locate content window appears, point it to the content.


  1. Copy Cubase LE 4 icon from admin account at desktop normal user account
  2. Install
  3. Install