Run Cubase 7 Artist on two computers

Hi community

I’m running Cubase 7 Artis (boxed with dongle) on my studio computer. I’m also working the same version at home. To do that I always carry around the donlge. Many times though I forget to take the dongle with me, so I’m just stuck.
I also never feel comfortable carrying around “the one dongle”, in case I might lose it. So I decided to get me a second one. Before I do that, I want to make sure.

Can I run Cubase 7 Artist on 2 separate machines with a second dongle?
Probably even at the same time? The studio pc might be working, even if I’m not in.


this has been discussed many times before.


Yes. But only if you purchase a second license!

Ok… thought there would be other threats… just couldn’t find the right one.

Could you please give me a link to where I can purchase another license? I looked in the shop section, in cubase and in Accessories… can’t find my product. THANKS

you can click the “buy now” button and away you go. you will probalby need an additional USB elicencer if Artist does not come with one. i cant confirm or deny that. they can be found here if needed.