Run Cubase6.5trial version on Cubase7license until video fix

Hello Everyone!

I have bought, paid for and installed Cubase 7 on my WIN 7 64 bit machine. Also, I have updated this installation to 7.0.3. I love Cubase and find zero problems while producing music… when there is no video in the project! But… (and this is crucial)… my job extensively involves scoring for film… TV ads and other film related projects.

This is where Cubase 7 is unusable.

  1. When I import video, the attached audio is not imported automatically.
  2. Moreover, I can’t even import audio from video manually.
  3. There is a lag/ skip/ jump/ infinite playback when I try to edit different regions in the project window with the video window on.

Therefore, Cubase 7 is not working for me with regard to video scoring.

My question is this

If I download the trial version of Cubase 6.5 and install it… will I be able to use it after the trial period on my Cubase 7 license. If not, how do I activate 6.5?

I’'m thinking of doing this because after going thru dozens of posts on the forum, I find that Cubase 6.5 did not have any video related bugs.

Needless to say, if the Cubase 7 video issues are fixed in future updates, I will very happily jump back to Cubase 7 for video related scoring.

Please clarify this and put me out of my misery.

Thank you!

If you don´t want to use the search fucnction - try it and tell us…

If it doesn´t work and If you haven´t bought C 6.5 and therefore have an activation code - not at all…

You can use all cubase versions up to 7. No codes or activation needed.

thank you vinark! :slight_smile: