Run & Hide

Hey Guys: “Run & Hide” is a song I wrote back in 1981.
Thought I’d try it out with Cubase 7 and Wavelab 7. Cool software :wink:

Jack :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Ps: Thanks Jonathan Link won’t work. Edit this as the correct link. # shouldn’t be there.

Good effort and good song but instrumentation should maybe change a little…maybe on the run and hide bit…I get this critique all the time on my stuff and as a consequence I en devour to move stuff around in the backing track to add interest to the song…it’s helped me improve my stuff but I’ve still got a way to go…cheers, Kevin

I like the song, although it’s definitely of the time when you first wrote it. The recording and mix needs work, however.

First, the drums sound very “samples-triggered-by-MIDI” and think this is due mostly to the samples you’ve chosen. The programming is okay, but in the mix they just seem like a rock drummer was playing a kit, know what I mean? They could be more aggressive in that mix.

I think a big problem with the tune is the backing content. I’m hearing rhythm guitar on the left, and organ on the right, correct? I’d lose the organ (even if you’re shooting for a Uriah Heap vibe here :laughing: ), and just double the rhythm guitar, but you need to compose a part that is more than just hitting/strumming chords – there’s needs to be a definite rhythmic component to it. This will lend the track more energy.

Lastly, the lead guitar needs to have more space around it

Again, nice song, I enjoyed it :sunglasses:

Remix of Run & Hide with added Rythm guitar panned right . The Drawbar Organ was centered and pulled down in the mix. Harmony Vocals were Duplicated and Stereo’d.

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that drummer Greg used here. Do You think I should change them to Groove Agent - or Drumcore or :question:
I’ve always loved Tama and Ludwig drums :slight_smile: