Run multiple FL outputs into LE4?

Hi everybody, name’s Justin, I’m new here.

Can I export my FL Studio drums to Cubase for individual mixing? How? This would be opposed to mixing inside FL and exporting as .wav, re-importing to Cubase, blah blah.

Video Reference:

(This guy is doing EXACTLY what I want to do, but in Cubase 5. I’m using the Cubase LE4 and am very lost in this one thing)

Old Thread Reference:

(The OP concluded that this is NOT a capability in Cubase LE4. Can someone confirm that? Yes, I posted to this board also.)

For side-by-side clarification…

Here both of us pick FL Studio Multi as a VSTi. His way in 5 isn’t available in LE4, but I choose from Project → Add track → Instrument. Same thing, I hope.

Then here, he is able to pick up to 16 output channels for his FL Multi, while I’m unable to do so. He clicks an icon that allows for output editing, and I’m unable to do so. So at this point, I’m stuck. FL works fine, but everything routes to one track, which makes mastering much more painful.

In FL Studio, I can use the mixer to activate a separate output for each track, like in the video. It all routes nicely in FL Studio, but since I have nothing set up in Cubase for it, nothing changes over all. I do get this step… I guess I’m more stuck on the Cubase side.

Sorry for the long post, just wanted to explain clearly… I figure one long specific post is better than several vague ones. This would help me a lot, since FL Studio is my main drum machine, while Cubase is better at everything else. Thank you, anybody!

Hes using the instrument panel not an instrument track.

If you version has the instrument panel the it should be possible (i think?)

Justin: You need Cubase 6 to do this :wink: