Run Nuendo 7 projects on 8 at your own risk with offline processes

I’ve run into several corrupted projects in N8 when interchanging between nuendo 7, Cubase 9 Pro and Nuendo 8. All of this was traced back to offline processes. I don’t think Nuendo 8 can run well if anyone is trying to run sessions from Nuendo 7 or Cubase 9 Pro into Nuendo 8 if it contains a fair amount of offline process edits. Since I’d imagine there was quite the programming changes to implement the new Direct Offline process history. I was able to save several corrupted projects while they were actively still open and wouldn’t let me save a new project. I was able to identify the conflicted track pointing towards an offline process edit that it was having trouble with. I recommend that if you want to work in 8 with a project from an earlier version, first load the session in the earlier version and freeze all of your edits before opening it in 8. If you absolutely need control over your offline edits than stay in your old project. Hopefully this can save someone else some valuable time wasted that we had to go through to figure this out. Otherwise N8.1 has been quite stable with a few only minor bugs that we have since and are trying to report as often as possible. Happy Nuendoing :smiley:


I’ve got a project started in N7 and moved to N8 for the DOP feature. N8 was such a pain with that “Iron Cross” cursor and the insert silence bug, among other irritants, that I went back to N7 to complete the project. But now the project is riddled with all of these “WTH Bugs!” :open_mouth: :angry:

1) The busses wont save. I save/close the project at night with 7 busses activated. Every morning when I open it, I have to reactivate bus 7 to hear my vocal tracks.
2) My mono lead vocal track, panned center, WOULD NOT PLAY OUT OF THE RIGHT MONITOR for a full day! I had another engineer remote in to figure out what was going on. Neither of us could. The next day, that same track played just fine (???)!
3) Drums settings will not stay put! The song plays fine with a great balance. I stop to adjust another track. I hit play and ALL OF THE DRUM FADERS HAVE PEGGED TO +6!!! :astonished: :open_mouth: I had this happen, sporadically, on one track or the other. But I didn’t notice the pattern until it happened with the drums around 6 different times (3 times in one session!). I started taking screen shots of everything so I could put it back exactly where it belonged.

There was a lot of stuff I liked about N8 (Zones, DOP, etc.). But I’ve shelved it now! You clearly have to START THE PROJECT in N8 or just work in N7 from beginning to end. So, I’ll just stick with N7 until SB gets all of this madness worked out! :angry: :blush:


Seems like N8 doesn’t understand prior offline edits done in N7. Edits done in N7 plays correctly in the project, but when opened for further offline processes in N8 they sound corrupt (with clicks at edit points).

I had the issue on some N7 projects opened in N8 that sound of offline prozesses would play fine but waveform would be wrong. Even after redoing them (deleting them and restarting project.)