Running 4 versions of HSSE?

Dear Cubase users, I imported various things from the Media Bay, then deleted them. So now I’ve got a very simple track, but it’s running 4 different uploads of HSSE. See the pic.

I can’t find out how to remove the unused ones? Does anyone know how I can do this? Thanks for any advice.
PS What does SE stand for in HSSE?

tracks get not automatically deleted if you delete the content

Thanks. I’m not sure what st10ss means by his comment. Can anyone else tell me how to delete multiple versions of HSSE? I now have seven running. Only three are active. I’d like to delete 6 and have all the MIDI tracks running on one version of HSSE. How can I do this, pls? Thanks for any ideas. Here’s my latest pic.

How did you created the tracks?

Hello Steffen
I started with an old file, imported from an old version version of Cubase. 1998? Then I brought in some more instruments. Then I exported MIDI files from Dorico and brought them in. So now I’ve got six.

Hmmm… the upper one (on the left side in the VSTi list) is a instrument track, simply delete the complete track to remove the instrument

on the rack instruments you need to select “no instrument” in the drop-down list

More info in the documentation

Thanks, Steffen. I got it fixed.

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