Running 9.5 Pro alongside 10.5 on same machine

Are there any issues having both Cubase 9.5Pro and 10.5 on the same machine?

I seem to see people moaning about issues in 10.5, but I would like to try it for myself, just so long as it doesn’t interfere in any way with my rock solid 9.5 Pro installation.

Did I read about 10(.5) replacing some 9.5Pro plugs with no way back? Dunno.

Any advice about doing this?


No issues at all having both Cubase software versions on your computer. They are separate software programs. Typically after a Cubase version upgrade it is advisable to keep your older version until you are sure that the new version is working as you expected.

Plug-ins may change/be added/be deleted with a new CB version but, I never had a plug-in deleted from an old CB version after installing a new CB version

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Thanks for the reply. I understand your points.

It’s just that I thought I heard of at least one 9.5 plug being unavailable after a 10(.5) install.

Interesting… hope someone chimes in with more information.

Regards. :sunglasses: