Running 9 alongside 8.5?

Hi guys,

I just bought Cubase Pro 9 but haven’t installed it yet; I’ve got a query.

When I upgraded from Artist 8.5 to Pro 8.5, I basically unlocked the additional functionality (and replaced the previous version in the process), has it been established if It’s possible to install 9 and retain 8.5?

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Yes, 9 is a completely new installation. You will be able to run either 8.5 or 9. (I have several versions on the same PC).

I too have seen the changing of an Artist version to Pro…I think this is because they are actually the same executable file with the license determining which bits a are available to you. This is not the case when you go up to the next version.

Hi Nic,

Thanks for the speedy reply, you confirmed my suspicions!

I’ve also emailed Steinberg support to request links to my original Artist 8.5 and Pro 8.5 executable files, I’m not certain if I’ll need to go through the whole upgrade process, or if my licence will allow me to run a clean install of 9 Pro?

I’ll post the response.

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Clean install 100%!

you can run both at the same time, under the same dongle