"Running Away" 80's guitar rock

I wrote this song 26 years ago. I originally recorded it on a 4 track 1/4" tape deck. I thought I’d dust it off with Cubase 6.


Thanks for listening!

Nice! Thanks!

jjtcorsair: Did Eddie Van halen ------and Queen stop by to record some tracks :wink:
Sounds good. I thought I was the only one who re-recorded songs
from 26 years ago.

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thank you Juha and halljack!

Brian May and EVH are two of my main inspirations so that is high praise indeed!

ya! great song and tight playing. became a fan at rn

Great Guitar, Got a real nice feeling about the whole piece. Was a pleasure to listen to.

Bob and godfodder…

Thanks so much for listening and the kind words. I think I’ve found some kindred spirits here! :smiley:


Nice track! I missed this when you first posted it. Some interesting little twists you have in there. Very enjoyable.

Thanks so much Scab… I try to keep the arrangement interesting, adding little things here and there. Of course, I’m so old school that I do it with the established instrumentation as opposed to edits or sound design elements like is done so much in modern pop.