Running C5 with a C6 Key

My Friend got a old DAW setup base on Windows XP (Regular 32 Bits) and for some personal/compatibility reason is not ok with upgrading to Windows 7 and he also wanna use the new Steinberg CMC Serie Controller … so my question is if he buy a original Cubase 6 can I legally install with my Cubase 5 Disc and use Is new C6 Dongle key to activate, on my MacPro I use Cubase 6 but still have C5 install just in case.

I’m not talking about pirating anything just using a paid licence of Cubase 6 on Cubase 5


P.S. I have been upgrading my Cubase since version 2 so all my boxes are UPGRADE wil it make any difference ?

There is no reason your friend couldn’t use Cubase6 on his XP32 PC. C6 is not supported under any other OS than W7, but people run it in XP all the time. So as long as he doesn’t need to seek support from Steinberg he’s fine with XP.

I think you can install your C5 on EVERY PC/Mac in the world if you want. This is because we have this wonderful dongle thing. That’s where the license is. As long as you’re not trying to create a copy of your dongle you should be fine.

You don’t need to activate the dongle in the same computer the Cubase is run on. Just activate it in ANY computer. So … no problem.

Strictly speaking, it seems, you can not.

Strictly speaking: it says “you may install a license” … nothing mentioned about on how many computers you can install the software.

How would one do that then? “at most 3 computers

I don’t know … because The Licence is inside the dongle I can’t see any method to install the license on any computer. I’m confused :open_mouth:

I think the whole legal mumbo-jumbo is badly written. You’d need a top-notch lawyer (>$1000/h) to make any sense of it :astonished:

Looks like the licence conditions need a rewrite!

Maybe I was not clear with my question

I have my old Cubase 5 Box with the original CD my friend is going to BUY a Cubase 6 from the store with a Dongle
Is going to use my CD to install cubase 5 instead of 6 on is PC and use IS dongle from is new Cubase 6 Box to run it.

Will it work ???

On my Macpro I have Cubase 5, Cubase 6 32Bits and Cubase 6 64 Bits install and they all work perfectly together but when I look in the e licensing software I only see my Halion 3, Cubase 6 and MP3 but no Cubase 5 so it most be included or something

The Cubase 6 license includes use of all previous versions, so your friend doesn’t even need your C5 copy. He can just download Cubase 5.5.3 from the Steinberg ftp and run it with his C6 license on the dongle.

Luck, Arjan


Is there full copy of C5 available to download? If there is, no problem. If there isn’t it still ends to the question, if it’s legal to install your copy of C5 to your friend’s computer. In my opinion it is, because The Licence (in this case the C6 license, which is capable to run C5 alos) is on the dongle.

But anyway … in this particular case I don’t even know what’s the problem. The friend can happily install Cubase6 (which he can buy from Steinberg) into his XP32 PC. No need to even think about the wording of Steinberg’s badly written licence conditions.

Thanks Luck

that was my question

Have Great Day


The 5.5.3 update is NOT the full program !!!



Right. Don’t assume anything - I did, based on the size of it, 113 MB. Sorry…

Luck, Arjan